this was about LB vs FP broly. Broly vs Jiren - Escribe dos palabras clave y pincha en el botón 'Fight'. Last edited: 1 y 2 mo 23 d ago. Si bien, es más poderoso, debe ser por un marco muy estrecho, caso contrario al Marciano que, sin estar a Full, se aclaro que es superior al Payaso, quien viene a hacer más fuerte que Beerus. Some amazing stuff is in store for 2021 so I want you to join us im this journey by hitting the like button and sharing. Followers ... Broly vs Moro depends on how much energy Broly can unlock before it gets drained. who wins?" UPDATES. Dragon Ball Super ha hecho un trabajo fantástico al darnos algunas de las peleas más grandes dentro de la franquicia de Akira Toriyama, pero a lo largo del anime y el manga, ha habido una batalla que aún no hemos visto y un fan artista ha tomado el asunto en su propias manos imaginando cómo sería una pelea entre el legendario Super Saiyan Broly y Jiren. But resulta que jiren es el 2021 y la regresa. Jiren tuvo una pelea relativamente igualada con Gokú en MUI, mientras que Broly perdió de forma humillante contra Gogeta. Forum Posts. Jiren aguanto en ambos escenarios a goku UI perfecto un estado que es superior a gogeta, broly si es fuerte obviamente pero no tanto como algunos sobre estiman, 1 hora golpeando a freezer y no le hizo nada y al poco tiempo freezer estaba como si nada, toppo alguien sumamente inferior a jiren casi mata a freezer con 1 par de golpes. 146. Long Answer: Most arguments that detail Jiren winning is based on many faulty assessments. Broly . And the facts are that Broly is compared to Beerus, and Jiren is stated to be well above Beerus in power and then gets a huge amp to finish that scaling off. 4) En el torneo consideraron dar los arcillos potala a Goku y Vegeta (al menos en el anime) pero luego descartaron la idea porque realmente no le tenían fe a la fusión y corrían el riesgo de que perdieran a sus mejores peleadores. Round 1: Vs. All Gods of Destruction at the same time Round 2: Vs. Whis Round 3: Vs… Oct 21, 2020 #12 Broly >= Beerus we got to stop pretending like the cat gets a free pass now . Grupo > Otaku Zone > Jiren vs Broly ¿Quien es mas fuerte? The back-to-back events of the Dragon Ball Super anime and Dragon Ball Super: Broly feature film have fans thirsty for *the* big bout that's now staring us all in the face: Broly vs. Jiren! Jiren vs Broly (Dragon Ball Super) # Jiren Ignore my prior comment. Here's the release of Jiren vs. Broly Chapter 8. Noone said FP jiren and FP broly are comparable. 65, has your opinion on Jiren vs Broly changed? Lo de Broly siendo superior a Beerus, me parece una especulación. Only two more chapters left to go! Gordo solos David "Gordo" Gordon. 1. ". Ganon55 Well-known member. Estoy de acuerdo con vos, esa resistencia de Freezer VS Broly fue un gag a mi modo de ver. Últimas noticias. Beerus and Quitela are still an unknown for him, though. Broly vs Jiren. piccolo saying jiren is significantly stronger doesnt add anything to the table since 1. we already know that and 2. piccolo is nowhere near their power so … Jiren. Broly is easily stronger than the likes of Beerus, but he's still not stronger than Jiren. Even if you want to argue Gokus wording implies Broly is above Beerus by a large and definitive gap (which it doesnt but lets play anyway) there is still NOTHING to indicate its any more significant than Jirens own lead over Beerus. The high-balling on Broly assumes a lot, basically that both those points go in his favor (starts at new baseline + no ceiling, both of which are headcanon at this point) So Broly dies first, either getting steam-rolled by Jiren or insta-killed by Hit. Jiren vs Broly Release Schedule: Chapter 8—December 22nd, 2020 Chapter 9—January 3rd, 2021 Chapter 10 (FINAL)—January 30th, 2020. 25 Mar 2020 #3 Por separado no veo a ninguno de los dos ganándole a Gogeta pero juntos ya superarían el poder de Gogeta . Most likely because people make a statement that "Broly is stronger because he can break dimensions" Goku and Jiren fought in a Null void so there was no dimension to break. "MUI" Post Nakama Power >= LB Jiren > "MUI" > FP Jiren > Suppressed Jiren in 129 > 129 Omen > Suppressed "3 Aura" Jiren in 127 > 123 Suppressed Jiren > SSBE post amp vegeta > GoD Toppo > SSBE vegeta = SSBKK Post 110 Goku > Omen vs Kefla > 110 Omen = 110 Jiren > Beerus = Broly According to you If we assume they meant 110 Jiren was already GoD tier 25 Mar 2020 #4 Vegetto SSJ blue según recuerdo dijeron que estaba al nivel de Bills. Jiren and Broly can go Full Power anytime they want and also have Infinite Stamina. On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "hit vs jiren vs broly in a battle royale. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Pero si Broly LSSJ es más fuerte que Goku UI, es obvio que Broly le gana a Jiren, quien a lo mucho rivaliza con dicho Goku, además de lo dicho por Toriyama dónde aclaro que Broly es el oponente más fuerte de Goku. High quality Jiren Vs Broly gifts and merchandise. 3) Jiren podría con Gogeta, porque a diferencia de Broly, no perdería la conciencia, su estilo de pelea es mejor y posee técnicas mejores. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "After ch. Jiren vs Broly vs Moro omega_king13. This page will be uploading the next chapters and as well as another arc that we're working on. análisis en el foro de Otaku Zone análisis. Follow 1798. - Page 6. BROLY vs JIREN. BROLY vs JIREN. Then it's Hit vs. Jiren all over again. Jiren … There's gonna be another story following this one, so stick with us until the end! @grandtoaa: Jiren only got pushed during the last minute of the ToP when he had to fight true UI Goku. those two were the comparable ones. When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted. Expect the next chapter by New Years! 9 Mar 2020 #169 Broly VS Jiren. The narrative shows even currently Jiren fans need to get over it and move on. 0. Claudio Swiss Well-Known Member. El ganador es el que tiene mayor visibilidad en Google Jiren 0. Goku does not know how strong Beerus is. I honestly think that Broly takes the win, he tanked a full power punch from SSG Vegeta, while Jiren had to use his fingers in order to fight SSG Goku (who is stronger), not just that, he grows stronger as he fights, eventully he will adapt to Jirens attacks and clobber him. Hard to say which of Jiren vs Broly is stronger. Fisherman John West Since Jiren can actually think and isn't a mindless brute, I'll vote Jiren.Goku and Vegeta can think as well, so why didn't they win against broly -_- User Info: Kensaimage. - Tema Jiren vs Broly ¿Quien es mas fuerte? Vote. Jiren and Broly he definitely beats, and most of the other GoDs too. Aug 12, 2020 #6 Broly beats the Batman on steroids-I mean, Jiren. 134 Votes in Poll. Broly is about UIO3 Goku level, who is very much below Jiren's max power. show 1 reply . Kensaimage 4 months ago #17. Jiren can most likely do the exact thing Broly did. Registrado 9 Ago 2019 Mensajes 224. Eso da como conclusión lo siguiente: 1) Broly está más o menos al nivel de Biils, es más, diría que es relativamente inferior ya que Gokú no lo deja como una certeza. We know how that goes. Broly>Jiren in raw power and strength but yet people still have this conversation. Moro 73>Broly>Jiren(ToP) Danisor Well-Known Member. Wiki Points. Cyberpunk 2077 pierde el 79% de jugadores en su primer mes … Short Answer: Broly & Jiren but mainly one wins more than the other continue reading to find out. Both of these characters prove to be powerful, but which one is stronger? Wolf Active member. Si Jiren y Broly pelean combinados pues ganan ellos. This content isn't available right now. Jiren, siendo superior a los dioses, lo aclara Whis en dos ocasiones. Similarly Broly only got pushed for the few minutes that he fought Gogeta. Manga: Jiren = Moro >> Broly, ... Goku was talking about the Broly who recovered all of his strength and gained a zenkai after the Broly vs Gogeta Fight. 7.

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