Many of these traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. The tradition is mostly associated with Christmas, and the most famous Italian carol, "Tu scendi dalle stelle" ... Officially, the Italian Christmas celebrations start on December the 8th, with the L'Immacolata Concezione or the Immaculate Conception’s Day and lasts until January 6th. Panettone is served as dessert or as breakfast. Christmas Day Lunch. The Christmas Day dinner is THE most important Christmas family tradition in Italy. Then everyone sits down to a big Christmas dinner. LA BEFANA Although Babo Natale (Father Christmas) and giving presents on Christmas are becoming more common, the main day for gift giving is the Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas when the three wise men gave Baby Jesus their gifts. 03 Jan, 2021. Buone Feste: A Month of Holidays. Learn more about Italian Christmas traditions in … Italian Christmas Eve Dishes. Save Save; Print; The delights include gourmet panettone, anolini in broth, a roast and a Yule Log cake. An Italian tradition which is an instance of the blending of pagan and Christmas is called the burning of the Yule log, which must keep burning until New Year’s Day. You know witches? La Befana. Christmas Recipes prepared by our Nonne - our Grandmas! For many Italian-American families a big Christmas Eve meal of different fish dishes is now a very popular tradition! Christmas Traditions in Italy - Learn about Christmas traditions in Italy, which feature holiday fairs with fireworks, bonfires, and spiritual music. The very roots of our modern Christmas belong in Italy.Christmas, the Feast of the Nativity, was decreed by Emperor Aurelian in A.D. 274 to take place on December 25 th of each year. Italians are well known for their love of feasting and the festive period is no exception, with Italian home cooks displaying their culinary prowess across a number of sumptuous courses. Unique Christmas Traditions to See in Italy . Italians celebrate the religious feast of the Epiphany, or the more popular folklore version of La Befana, on 6 January which falls on a Wednesday in 2021. Christmas traditions include a variety of customs in which food is the major part, religious customs, and folklores associated with the Italian Christmas Traditions and Customs celebration of Christmas. Christmas is the crowning jewel of the Italian feast of Natale, a three day festive celebration held over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 1. Leggi questo articolo in italiano. Christmas Eve Confetti Pasta. Italian Christmas tradition is a very live and heartfelt holiday. Especially the children look forward to the start of the Christmas season in December when Christmas trees are put up and houses are decorated. The Christmas celebrations in Italy take place a little differently to those in the UK, with the main celebrations falling between the 24th Dec and 6th Jan. Babbo Natale (Father Christmas, or the equivalent of Santa Claus) makes the rounds on the night before Christmas, but another important day for gift-giving is Epiphany on January 6. There are a lot of dishes to keep track of if you’re thinking of creating your own Italian Christmas menu. Natale lunch begins with a classic antipasto spread featuring dry cured meats, salumi, fine Italian cheeses, briny olives, artichokes and more. It’s the food we remember, the ones from our family traditions. These long-time favorites never get old. Christmas in Italy is celebrated over several weeks as Italians celebrate from early December, depending on the region, until the day of Epiphany, on the 6th of January. Spaghetti with Anchovies ~ Super quick and easy recipe. The dome-shaped sweet bread fruit loaf contains that special mix of raisins, candied orange, citron and lemon zest. Family is, without a doubt, Italy’s most important value, and celebrations, especially Italian Christmas traditions, do much to reiterate that bond. The quintessential Italian Christmas cake, Panettone is eaten during Christmas and New Year not just in the homeland, but all over the world. It's so colorful with a tossed salad and garlic bread — and always gets raves! One of the most visually spectacular Italian Christmas traditions is the Fiaccole di Natale, a torchlight procession on Christmas Eve. Other Italian Christmas traditions to consider sharing with your children are letters to Babbo Natale (St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6th), how to bake Panettone, and the Feast of Seven Fishes. Protected: 5 Italian Christmas Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know About. For many Italian Americans, the Feast of the Seven Fishes is a can’t-miss Christmas tradition.Traditionally served for Christmas Eve dinner, this meal consists of a spread of seven different types of seafood, from appetizers to main courses—and it can last for hours! This often includes capon or another roasted meat.

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