Dimiter. 1: Timok. Bulgarian names have since experienced a decline in frequency, and in recent years they are of occasional use. According to one study using telephone directory data, the five most popular male given names are Ivan (43,882 holders), Georgi (40,288), Dimitar (31,471) and Petar (20,602). 1: Kubrat. Votes Name Vote; 1: Shumen. Among the babies born in 2013, the trend toward greater diversity among female names persists (3230 names) compared to male names (2776 names). Top 100 Bulgarian Girl Names Bulgarian Girl Names. Andriev. ATANAS , undying. Traditionally a Bulgarian’s last name was usually the paternal grandfather’s name. Iliya: The Lord is My God . Peter. Means "son of Minko", a Bulgarian diminutive of MIHAIL. boy Marko is a name derived from the... + Add to my list Related names. 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 Bulgarian Names List (A-Z) - Page 2 - from "Borislav" to "Ivan". Iliya. 1: Kubrat. The most popular female names are Maria (20,108), Ivanka (11,872) Elena (9,568), Yordanka (7,962) and Penka (6,696). There were 2 Bulgarian names ranked within the top 1000 baby names then. Bulgarian . A town in northeastern Bulgaria in the Razgrad Province. The Bulgarian language is full of funny, weird and heartwarming phrases, some of which can be found in other Slavic languages like Serbian, Russian or Slovak.When they think of baby names, Bulgarians often imply more than just a combination of letters; many Bulgarian names involve a good wish for the newborn such as love, glory, happiness, etc. //-->. Find bulgarian boy names that start with alphabet S. BabyNamesCube.com is the largest and ultimate collection of bulgarian boy names. This is a ubiquitous name in the Romany Gypsy culture. ANDRIAN , man, warrior. BOGDAN, God's gift. var __pid=49635; Invite friends to vote on your list using & email. Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. 1: Timok. That’s where our list comes in! Browse Bulgarian baby names and meanings. Keep reading to find Bulgarian pet names to help your dog stand out. Bulgarian names are somewhat popular baby names for boys. Select filters then press SEARCH below -Usage or language. Maria is the most preferred female name in 19 districts of the country. The name has German origin and is compiled by using words ‘megin’ meaning “strength” and ‘win’ meaning “friend”. Bulgarian Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Bulgaria. Arnautov. Aleksander. inestimable. Bulgarian names have since experienced a decline in frequency, and in recent years they are of occasional use. Most popular names from around the world. Traditionally a Bulgarian’s last name was usually the paternal grandfather’s name. beloved of God, or, Lord have mercy. Ivan. For Samokov, a town in southwest Bulgaria. Marko. Stefan 9. See also Slavic origin baby names and Russian origin baby names for more information about Bulgarian names.. Below you will find our wide selection of Bulgarian boy names and Bulgarian girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Nikolay 5. Vasil. , Books If you’re thinking something more trendy, take a look at this list of the 100 most popular girl names of the year. 11. + Add to my list Related names. The patronymic name usually isn't used when referring to that person though, and the personal name is just a normal name like you'd expect in most cultures. Means "son of Miho", the given name Miho being a diminutive of MIHAIL. IVA , Jehovah's gift (or grace). Most Bulgarian last names are the adjective form of a masculine first name, formed by adding -ov or -ev for male and -ova or -eva for female. APOSTOL , apostle, messenger. undying. Many of the most unique dog names come from Bulgarian. MINKOV Минков Bulgarian. Interesting entries in the overall top 20 include the female name Rumyana and the male names Stoyan, Atanas (from Athanasius), and Plamen. /* 20000_names_bottom */ & Contact Info, 20000-surnames Usage: Language + Letters. usage Close. //-->, [ Suggest Menowin. View the latest boy and girl Bulgarian names at Mom365. A personal name, a patronymic name, and a family name. apostle, messenger. Georgi 2. BOYKO, var __am_invisible=0; Web August 02, 2008 the hero. angel, messenger. Page 1 - Find Cool Bulgarian Baby Names - Search NEW Database of 1000s of World baby names, boy and girl names in super Fun naming categories and baby name lists. More Filters. ANDON , inestimable. Bulgaria’s tenth largest city. Names for this page ]  [ Go to Female google_ad_height = 250; Also:Most popular names from around the world. … Male Bulgarian Names ALEKSANDAR , defender of man. with the ægis. god (is) Jehovah. IVET , yew, or, archer. A town in southwestern Bulgaria at the foot of the Belasica Mountains. Male Weapon Names, Armor Names,